SEO Services

With literally billions of searches conducted every month, search engines have essentially become our gateway to the internet.

Unfortunately, simply getting yourself listed is not enough as clicks on a search engine results pages are not evenly distributed amongst the results. Research has shown that the higher a website is ranked by a search engine, the more clicks they will receive, with the top result receiving by far the largest proportion of all clicks, followed by the 2nd and so on.

Your Website Search Engine Optimisation is based around your use of “keywords” and your website’s link popularity. “Keywords” is an industry term to describe the queries we use when we conduct a search, for example “blue ipod nano”. The search engines then categorise websites based around their relevance to a particular keyword. The search engines analyse your keyword usage in the following elements of your website (not an exhaustive list):

How does SEO work?

  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • H tags (h1, h2, h3 etc.)
  • Page content
  • Image alt text
  • Internal links within your website
  • External links to your website

Make sure your website can be found
Use our Search Engine Submission services to make sure your website can be found online. Choose the solution that is best for you below, with our comparison table of Search Engine Submission packages…

12 Monthly Re-submissions
Your site will be submitted each month for a full year. Submitting your website manually to one search engine is not enough. Submitting manually to hundreds each month is impossible. We submit your site every month, to make sure search engines will not drop your listings.

Monthly reporting via Email
Monthly summary submission reports are sent to you by email. Once a month, immediately after your scheduled monthly submission, we will send you a detailed report that lists all the search engines and directories that your site was submitted to, so you can keep track of the submission process.

Personal Control Panel
Using your control panel, you can manage the data of sites you submitted, change your keywords and title and generate Meta Tags for your site. Customers of the more advanced plans will have access to their keywords research, optimization instructions and ranking performance.

Meta Tag generator
Get access to our professional Meta Tag generator. The importance of Meta Tags for your website can’t be emphasized enough, as they are the first to be checked by the search engines. The Meta Tag generator will help you to create proper Meta Tags for your website.

Submit to 400 search engines
We will submit your website to the top 400 search engines, which cover over 95% of all searches

Guaranteed listing in Google
As long as you follow Google’s guidelines, we will guarantee your site will be listed within Google. 12 month guaranteed inclusion.

Typically, website owners have little control over when the search engines list and drop their website. With this plan, we guarantee that your website will be listed for a whole year.

Keywords research
The most important task of search engine optimization, and by far the trickiest and the hardest to accomplish, is finding the right keywords (search phrases). With this plan, our marketing professionals will review your website and will come up with a list of keywords that are the most effective for your website. Each of the keywords is chosen very carefully using the following procedure:

The keyword must reflect your exact product and service offerings, your geographical availability and your desired audience, so that it will drive to your website, customers you will be able to convert into buyers.

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