About Bpenet

BPEnet was established as BPE limited in 1997 when the company specialised in Business Process Engineering and IT solutions. In 1999 the web services division was added and the company traded under the name of BPEnet. The principle members of the company were Michael Johnson Robin Johnson and Joy Johnson.

Partnerships with Cobalt Computers Chilisoft and MySQL were forged to enhance the offerings under Linux that were then available with Microsoft. (Note Cobalt Computers acquired Chilisoft the makers of Chilisoft ASP for Linux and Solaris and Cobalt Computers was acquired by Sun Microsystems).

BPEnet had offices on the South Coast of England and in the City of London near the Bank of England. In addition the company had over 50 partners and affiliates world wide selling the products that BPEnet either made or distributed.

In 2001 the company merged with Accountants Humphrey & Co and Robin left to pursue other opportunities. Joy continued to manage our world wide Partners and Affiliates and we became first Sun One Partners and then Sun Advantage Partners.

In 2004 Bpenet left Humphrey & Co and developed the business further to include training and Professional Services around Sun architecture.

In 2007 we were pleased to welcome Paul Gratton B.Ed(Hons)  into the company as a trainer and associate.

In 2009 Robin rejoined us and now we specialise in web services and hosting in one division under the trading name of BPEinternet and Training and Professional Services under the name of BPEnet specialising in Virtualisation and desktop.

The current principles are:

Michael Johnson MSc., MIBPR Michael has spent 35 years I IT and Finance working for European Ferries Nat West Bank and Fidelity Investments before setting up BPE Limited. Michael is responsible for Training and Professional Services

Paul Gratton B.Ed(Hons) Paul is a former teacher of IT and owns and runs Total Support & Training in Chester. Paul is a key member of the team and has travelled the world delivering training on behalf of BPEnet. Paul’s responsibilities are Training and IT support

Robin Johnson Robin has worked in web design and hosting services most of his working life so far. He has an artistic flair which shows in the unique web sites he creates. He also owns Football Insider which owns one of the key Premier Football websites Arsenalinsider.com

Joy Aldridge Joy formerly a Johnson now married has worked for the company on and off since it started in 1997. Joy specialises in administrative support and office based systems.

BPEnet works very closely with the Oracle Corporation in deliverying Virtualisation tarining. Some of BPEnet’s customers have been, Fidelity Deutschbank INVESCO The Devonshire Group BSG Systems BT Engage IT